SSR @Leith Depot This Sunday

A rare appearance for us in Edinburgh - come and see us alongside singer songwriter Pete Kavanagh and Chris Finegan


Gentle Giant Music Festival

On Saturday 13th May we played the Gentle Giant Music Festival in Forth, Lanarkshire. Stuart Brodie is a bit of a veteran of the festival there but the rest of us didn't really know what to expect (and on or…

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Tijuana Bible 

Pleased to announce that this track has now been mastered and is ready for your earholes. A proper bouncy number...



When not appearing with the band, James Kerr masquerades as fake DJ Dr J on Regal Radio. If you listen to any of the shows from the past two years ( many are available on mixcloud, just search for Regal…Read more

New York 1963 

Another track uploaded! This is very much a departure from the larger band recordings, Just James and Peter put this together.... 

And on the Drums....

Del Kirkwood..

Welcome aboard the Review Del... Sorry we don't have a pic yet so you will just have to trust us that he exists, here is a photo of one of his kits that we absolutely didn't just steal…Read more


Sorry this post is a bit late, so caught up with recording and rehearsing that we forgot to mention this track was complete.

A little bit of Bob's Highway 69, a bit of Yardbirds and a lot of bondage references…Read more

The Undeclared War. 

We now have fan's favourite Undeclared War recorded. Featuring Helen on Vocals.


I am bone and I am teeth 
I’ve been running with the beasts 
I could kill you in your sleep 
Close your eyes, my darling. 


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